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Nursing Programs At Community Colleges

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Nursing programs at community colleges offer a lower-cost alternative to other nursing schools. In addition to the cost benefit, a community college can help you become a nurse without having to “leave home”. You can also apply for nursing school loans.
One important measure of the quality of a community college nursing program is whether or [...]

Applying To Nursing School

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Applying to nursing school can be easy and simple to do if you make some preparations ahead of time. You can find nursing programs that are offered in your area by calling your local college or university. You can also look in the phone book for nursing programs and instruction or go online and browse [...]

Best Nursing Schools 2009

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Best Nursing Schools 2009
By Brenne Meirowitz, B.A., M.S., M.A.
The health care industry is expanding enormously, and finding the best nursing schools 2009 is the objective of many who are looking to enter the field for the first time, or pursue an advanced degree in nursing. As technology continues to grow, nurses will be expected [...]

Registered Nursing Programs At Community Colleges

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Registered nursing programs at community colleges offer local, inexpensive opportunities to attain a Registered Nurse degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states counted 846 registered nursing programs offering an associates degree in nursing (ADN) from a junior or community college.
In order to become a registered nurse (RN), you will require graduation from an approved [...]

LPN Online Nursing Schools

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

For CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistant) or those first considering becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse, there are LPN nursing schools online to help them realize their dreams of working as professional health care givers.
There are nursing schools online that can provide chances for nursing education for people in every state, and you have the opportunity to [...]