LPN Nursing Degrees

A LPN nursing degree (Licensed Practical Nurse) or LVN nursing degree (Licensed Vocational Nurse) has a distinct advantage over many other nursing education programs, it is a fast-track to earning money, and it means that after a years of schooling, the nurse is able to work, then she studies at the same time. The advantage of this is obvious, you get to start earning money sooner!

The demand for LPN’s does not only extend to clinical situations they are in huge demand in the normal workforce as technology advances, and this makes it definitely a career opportunity which is more diverse. Training as and LPN is also a good stepping stone to get started in nursing and advance a career into and RN or even BSN. In nursing there is no limit to how far a career can go.

Overview of KPA’s (Key Performance Areas)

The LPN, like all nurses, cares for the injured, ill, infirm, disabled or convalescent patient. By nature they are sympathetic care givers and they work under the direct supervision of an RN or physician. Depending on what is expected of them, they are trained to and may:

  • Take health information from the patient
  • Take vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, etc.)
  • Prepare and administer injections
  • Help patients with their personal hygiene needs
  • Perform routine lab tests and take the samples for these
  • Care for infants
  • Educate patients and their family members about good health
  • Supervise CNA’s (Certified Nursing Assistant) and aides


Educational programs for LPN’s involve a year of study and this can be done online, at a vocational or technical/community college or a hospital. It is a more practical nursing program than  the RN program for example. Bear in mind that the program has to be certified and accredited by the State Board of Nursing, as this is the only way to obtain a license to practice. Graduates of the program must pass a National Council Licensure Examination, and each individual state in the US administers this examination.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees cost approximately $2 000 but this obviously varies from institution to institution and considering and online college, may save quite substantial amounts in tuition fees. Grants, financial aid and bursaries are available to help students complete these studies.

Future Work Prospects

LPN’s have very good future work prospects, presently they are in great demand and this demand is expect to grow by 14% in the next six years. Hospitals are obviously the first port of call when seeking work, however home health care services, and care facilities have great need of these nurses too. The Baby Boomer population is finally ageing and it is this which is expected to increase the demand for more nursing services. Advanced technology allows physicians to perform procedure in their rooms which were typically performed in hospitals decades ago and this make the LPN role vital in terms of post operative doctors’ room and home care.

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