Nurse Practitioner Job Description

By Mark Alison
There are so many fields and specialties in the nursing profession; a Nurse Practitioner job description will help you understand this specialty. The nursing prerequisites are similar to most nursing school program advanced degrees.

In order to become a nurse practitioner or NP, the student has completed a minimum of a Masters Degree in advanced Nursing education and is trained to diagnose and manage common illnesses such as those in the elderly or pediatrics. They are able to manage chronic illnesses and provide a very wide range of health care services. Some of the care they provide is the same at that which is provided by a doctor, they work closely with physicians and can provide regular care to a patient.

It is necessary to have a RN qualification to become a NP, and this can be done through online courses, hospital based programs, community and other colleges and universities.

Patients in the care of the nurse practitioner are from all age groups and the core philosophy of this nurse is based in individual care. They can care for patients illnesses as well as the effects this illness has on the family of the patient. Below are the “Key Performance Areas” or KPA’s:

Key Performance Areas (KPA’s)

Preventative health care as well as education for wellness are priority as this means fewer doctors visits, prescriptions and expensive treatment is required. This nurse encourages patients to get involved in their own care and helps them to understand what to expect. They are often actively involved in patient advocacy. This is a state regulated profession, and because of this key performance areas are varied. These include but are not limited to:

  • Collaboration with physicians and other health care personnel and providing patient referrals.
  • Education and counseling of patients and their immediate families or care giver.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of injuries, infections, and acute illness
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic illness as well as management of these conditions. This included heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and others.
  • Physical examination and collection of medical history
  • Ordering, administering and interpretation of the results of diagnostic studies, including but not limited to blood tests, X-Rays, and EKG’s
  • The prescription of medication
  • Referrals for rehabilitation treatment and physical therapy
  • Family planning and pre natal care
  • Well baby and child care including immunization and screening
  • Annual physical examinations and health maintenance for adults


They practice in all states, and in all types of institutions, including private practice. Careers for the Nurse practitioner are available in all fields including community health, HMO’s, health departments, home care, hospitals, clinics, hospice, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, nursing schools, physicians offices, occupation health and industry, travel, schools, VA, and other Government departments, free and walk-in clinics. In most instances a nurse practitioner specializes in one area of health care, and there are as many NP specialties as there are medical.


Because of the far reaching possibilities of the Nurse Practitioner profession, a high quality, individual and very cost effective health care scenario is the end result of the provision of their services. Insurance providers cover the cost of this type of care in most instances as it is less expensive than always consulting with a physician. And you know how health insurance companies are about cost!

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