Online Nursing Degrees

By Melanie Ullman
Some potential nursing students have been led to believe that online nursing degrees are all fake. This is a huge misconception perpetrated by less than honest people, which unfortunately we have to put up with online, but don’t have to use or tolerate. Always check that any nursing degree program you embark on is fully accredited with the necessary education authority, as you would if you were to embark on a nursing degree in a bricks and mortar educational facility.

Distance Learning

Distance or online learning is available for most degrees that are available in traditional educational facilities and nursing is no different. The college or university must be accredited with the US Department of Education or any of the 6 regional or 52 national bodies funded by this department – accreditation is the key word here!

The beauty of distance learning is that it allows many more students access to training and education that may not have been available to them normally. It also allows students to complete their courses in their time, so they may work and be educated at the same time, a very necessary evil in this day and age of economic strife. As long as an online teaching facility is accredited it is also allows for eligibility for the same scholarships and financial aid as students enrolled in traditional facilities.

The Online Nursing Degree

Just as the class-based nursing degree is a popular course, so too is the online course; if not more so. There has always been a shortage of nurses and this is still the case. Because distance education is so flexible, it has boosted the popularity of the nursing degree and made it more accessible. Students are able to learn through some of the best universities and colleges in the US regardless of their location.

Many different degree programs exist, including online LPN nursing classes. This provides the opportunity to achieve a 4 year degree in as little as 2 years.

Practical Application

Practical lab work needed to complete course modules can be undertaken in a local area, and so can other practical classes. The university or college will arrange for this on behalf of the student as it is important for student to be able to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired online. A licensed professional will be able to verify that the practical work was undertaken and this is not an obstacle to learning.

In the initial phases of an online education process, finding employment in the nursing field may be a little more difficult than with a traditional degree, but times are changing fast. Employers are seeing the benefit of employees taking online courses as they are still able to work and no leave of absence is required. Recent research also shows that hospitals and other employers are more eager to provide financial assistance to staff who undertake online degree courses in nursing, because of this fact.


Online nursing degrees are rapidly gaining more credibility in the eyes of more traditional institutions. It is vital not to support online scams in this important service industry, and this can be done by only attending an accredited nursing school. It is a simple matter to verify these credentials with the US Department of Education.

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