Supporting Yourself through Nursing School

The decision to attend nursing school is one that should be lauded. It means taking a step to improve your life and gaining valuable skills that make you extremely marketable for employment. The demands of nursing school are quite rigorous no matter the academic level pursued and excelling in nursing school requires much time for study and practice.

Considering how time-consuming a nursing school program is, the issue of supporting yourself financially can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, not being able to find ways to self-support through nursing school can deter some people from beginning and completing a nursing program. Supporting oneself through nursing school is not only possible it is also very doable!

One of the first suggestions for financial support while in nursing school is to seek out various forms of financial aid. Financial aid comes in the form of grants, scholarships, work study and loans. Some financial aid is private and others are provided through the federal government. Apply for financial aid even if you don’t think you’ll qualify. If you should qualify for financial aid accept every single dime! Any monies in excess of your tuition and fees for nursing school can be used to self-support. Many people take out loans either subsidized or unsubsidized Stafford loans or private loans while in nursing school to pay for rent, food, healthcare costs and other living expenses. In some cases there are grants and scholarships specifically for assisting nursing students with living expenses. There are a variety of financial aid options that should be explored to assist in supporting yourself through nursing school.

Another option in obtaining support through nursing school is to work as a certified nursing assistant or CNA. Working as a CNA is a wonderful way to financially self-support through nursing school while also gaining necessary nursing skills. Many vocational schools and community colleges offer CNA training classes for relatively affordable prices. The training classes usually take between two and three months to complete and then a certification test must be taken and passed. There are even some hospitals, medical centers and nursing homes that offer CNA training courses for free with the stipulation that you work for their company for a certain period of time. Certified nursing assistants work a variety of flexible shifts and also make decent pay. Flexibility in scheduling and the ability to earn money while learning critical nursing skills makes working as a CNA while attending nursing school a good option for self-support.

Finally, choose a reasonable path to obtain your nursing degree that will allow you to survive. If you need to work full time because of personal obligations such as family going to school part time for nursing is more feasible. If you want to go to school full time for nursing but can’t work for full time it will be necessary to work part time and reduce your expenses by getting a roommate or budgeting. Ultimately, supporting yourself through nursing school is possible by taking advantage of various resources.

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