The Best Ways Of Paying For Nursing School

Once someone decides on nursing as a career they are anxious to learn about ways of paying for nursing school. Depending on a nursing student’s SAT score they could automatically be eligible for consideration for a nursing school scholarship. Most of the nursing scholarships that are widely available come from private and public organizations. These groups are usually auxiliaries that support the need for nurses in America for nursing school, financial aid, nursing scholarships, nursing grants

One option that anyone, from high school seniors to people changing careers can do to reduce the cost of a nursing education is by attending a public college or university rather than a private one. Other options include online nursing degrees.

Financial aid is also available.  American Association of Colleges of Nursing , who’s function is to advance higher education in nursing, is an excellent resource for scholarships and financial aid for nursing students.

Some of the scholarships and grants are funded by schools and companies and there are some that are endowed by large trusts and estates. Occasionally an individual will also fund nursing school scholarships on a limited basis. There are also specific nursing scholarships for minorities and other groups. You can find many of these nursing scholarships online but also your community colleges and state universities can help you explore many ways of paying for nursing school.

Grants offered by the federal government are another excellent way of paying for nursing school. These grants do not have to be paid back and are based on income and need. You will have to have your paperwork filled out early so check the grant sites out as soon as possible. Your forms must be in the system early in the year if you are applying for a fall enrollment. You can still apply at any time of the year, but the funds go quickly. January is a great time to put your application in and you can also do this online.

Work-study programs options are another way of helping a student who is looking for ways of paying for nursing school. These are available on campus to those students and let you work 10-20 hours a week and use these funds to help offset educational expenses.

Hospitals will help any of their employees by paying for nursing school education. This money can then be repaid at a low interest rate or worked off by becoming an employee upon graduation from the course. You usually work for one year to repay each year that the hospital provided funds for your education.

Paying for nursing school may not be easy, but there are enough options available, between financial aid, scholarships, grants, community college and online nursing programs, and work-study programs, that anyone who is committed to becoming a nurse should be able to achieve their dream.

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