Government Nursing Jobs

Government nursing jobs are plentiful, varied, and rewarding. As the largest employer of nurses in the nation, the federal government offers a huge range of opportunities and career paths. Uncle Sam is actively hiring RNs, LPNs and nurse practitioners in virtually every clinical specialty. And if you are already a skilled, experienced nurse, government nursing jobs can become empowering careers!

Government employers range from national health care systems like the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) and the Indian Health Service, to the armed forces, to federal agencies like the CDC (Centers of Disease Control), the NIH (National Institutes of Health), and National Library of Medicine.

There is a huge demand for applicants to fill government nursing jobs in all 50 states. The jobs are available now, and with each position there is also the opportunity to receive high starting pay and exceptional benefits – outstanding educational, leadership development and career advancement benefits that are not always available in the private sector. Many of these positions remain unfilled even after months and sometimes years of recruiting. During the nursing shortage it is up to the available staff to try and stretch themselves to take up the slack.

With the high amount of registered nursing jobs available it is a market of opportunity for those nurses with experience. An experienced nurse will be rewarded by a higher starting pay and extra bonuses. New nurses should not feel overlooked; they are being heavily recruited as well. Having a large number of positions to select from makes it more likely that you will be able to find the type of job that will make you happy. There are nursing positions available in all areas of the health profession and you have only to look for the kind of working environment that you prefer.

Government nursing jobs generally offer very competitive salaries. Whether you’re first entering a nursing school program, currently pursuing an online nursing degree, or are already a licensed nurse or practitioner, Uncle Sam might have just the right opportunity for you. Benefits, pay scale, educational and leadership opportunities with federal and state government health care employers are among the best in the field!

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  1. Kenny Odukoya Says:

    I am a foreing trained registered nurse/Midwife registered with the Nigerian Nusrisng Council and currently residing in South Africa and hold a registration with the South African Nursing Council. I will like to work in Canada or the US but do not know how to go about this. Can someone please help me.

    many thanks.


  2. Demechiko French Says:

    I will be finish with nursing school in December and would LOVE to have a job with the federal government as a RN. I currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama and work as a patient care tech. at UAB. I would be grateful if someone could send me some info on obtaining a gonernment position as a RN. My address is 1631 Barrington Circle Birmingham Alabama 35215. Thanks in advance.

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