Choosing ADN Vs. BSN Degrees

Choosing whether to get an Associates Degree in Nursing or ADN vs. BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) degree can be a big decision for nursing will students. Both degrees can lead to getting your RN or register nurse certification however their are some significant differences between the degrees.

The biggest difference between adding a key and person BS is the amount of time and number of credits necessary to complete the program. Typically, an ADN takes 2 years to complete, while a BSN degree can take up to four years to complete.

For students that already, a previous bachelors degree, they are also accelerated BSN programs.

Both degree programs will require similar core curriculum fulfillments: Maternal and newborn nursing, Adult health,  and pediatrics. Community health nursing, psychiatric nursing, and gerontological nursing are often required as well. A BSN program would typically offer more courses in nursing theory than an ADN, including nursing research, and nursing informatics, which is a field of study that examines how nurses use technology.

The starting salaries for an ADN or a BSN prepared nurse are similar, however since¬† many advanced nursing positions require a BSN, the BSN prepared nurse has the potential to earn more money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2007 the average starting pay for a BSN was $75,017 while the starting salary for ADN’s was $70,804.

Some of the benefits of an ADN program is that it can be less expensive, and usually quicker, meaning you would become a nurse much sooner.

On the other hand, with a BSN you usually have more advancement opportunities, such as to a nurse manager. You’re also be prepared to enter an advanced degree program such as for a nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, or nurse anesthetist.

ADN vs BSN can be a difficult choice to make. That said, both are wonderful paths for anyone pursuing a nursing career. Both offer excellent opportunities for great pay, job security, opportunities for advancement, and a tremendously wide range of work environments and experiences.

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  2. Felix Chesterfield Says:

    We certainly need good CRNAs. It’s one of the few fields where demand seems to still outweigh supply. Sites like show evidence that every state is still looking for qualified CRNAs (and willing to pay for them too). Hardly something that every industry can claim right now.

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    Thanks you have explained the difference in depth. I like your post it is very informative and I will be telling others about it. What I got from your post is – both the degrees has their own significance but mean for same.

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