Registered Nursing Programs At Community Colleges

Registered nursing programs at community colleges offer local, inexpensive opportunities to attain a Registered Nurse degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states counted 846 registered nursing programs offering an associates degree in nursing (ADN) from a junior or community college.

In order to become a registered nurse (RN), you will require graduation from an approved two year nursing program. Students must pass a national licensing exam to become a Registered Nurse.

After earning the degree, an RN may choose from a wide variety of specialties, which are categorized by types of illnesses, treatments, body systems and population. In addition to evaluating and treating patients, registered nurses are also responsible for supervising licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and other members of the nursing staff.

Depending on what area you specialize in, registered nurses are licensed to administer care to critically ill patients by assisting doctors during medical procedures, performing basic medical examinations, administering medicines, giving diagnostic tests, and monitoring patient progress.

Enrolling in a program at a community college is often a great choice for the nursing student who wants to attend a campus program rather than pursuing an online nursing degree. Community colleges typically offer a range of programs including RN to BSN programs for the RN who wants to raise boost their skills and career with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree.

There are registered nursing jobs available in both the public and private sectors. The military is also recruiting qualified applicants to fill their open positions. The demand for nurses is extremely heavy and is expected to stay that way for years. Even if nursing schools today continue to operate at full capacity they can still not meet the growing demand for nurses.

Registered nursing programs at community colleges can be your doorway to a lucrative, secure, and high-paying job in the health care field. If you’ve dreamed of becoming a nurse, being part of a medical team, and helping others, an RN degree is one of the most desireable certifications you can have. Plus, it opens the door to higher-level degrees and jobs to consider for the future.

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