Nursing Prerequisites: Qualified For Health care Jobs

Nursing prerequisites vary depending on the school, program, and type of degree or certification you’re seeking. But in most cases, completing your nursing prerequisites by itself qualifies you for many healthcare jobs.

There are many hospital staff jobs available to those who have completed their prerequisites but haven’t yet completed their nursing degree. These are often very well-paying jobs that provide great exposure and work experience.

A unit secretary works on the hospital floor entering doctor’s orders, which gives you terrific experience getting used to what to expect as a nurse.

If you can do IV’s, draw blood, and give injections, you can get a Medical Assistant job in the private sector.

There are also nursing assistant positions in both the public and private sector.

Some people aren’t able, or don’t want to go directly into a degree program. Working in the health care field can provided a much-needed break from the strain of classes and coursework.

One of the benefits of taking a job after fulfilling your nursing prerequisites is that you can get both real-world experience, and see first-hand what you can expect from different nursing degrees and certifications.

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