Traveling Nurse Jobs - Lucrative And Exciting

Traveling nurse jobs generally require more dedication than a home nursing job. This job is definitely very competitive, and the kind of stress involved can be tiring. For some health care workers however, nothing is better than traveling nurse jobs.

Traveling nurse jobs can be both exciting and rewarding at the same time. The shortage of good nurses is very evident, and this creates opportunities all across the country and throughout the world. Travel Nursing has unlimited opportunity when it comes to career expansion.

You can choose to work in many different types of hospital settings, ranging from prestigious teaching institutions to small, rural facilities. They all use travel nurses. You may select traveling nurse jobs that enable you to travel across the world if you are fond of traveling, or you may opt for a local job, traveling to and from different locations each day.

Duties and Rewards of Traveling Nurse Jobs

Just as the job is quite exciting, the rewards a travel nurse gets are also very lucrative. Traveling nurse jobs enable one to work in a wide range of different types of facilities and hospitals, and earn bonuses and great pay. Your travel nurse agency usually provides free living accommodations in safe and comfortable housing.

Many travel nursing companies even offer 401k saving plans, insurances, clinical support, and continuation in education and incentive programs. In fact, you can usually earn free nursing CEU’s while you’re away. You can even work towards advancing your degree or certification as long as you have internet access. Since these nursing programs are very flexible, it becomes easy for a nurse to study for her/his masters while working a traveling nurse job.

Opportunity Spectrum of a Traveling Nurse

One of the benefits of this career path is that You will be exposed to many new practices and cultures when you travel across the world. Working within new clinical settings gives you a great exposure and certainly your skills as a nurse will advance. You get a kind of freedom to explore new places, take up new challenges and work at your own pace.

It depends on your area of specialty.  Most facilities and staffing companies have different requirements and preferences for different types of units, practice settings and specialties. Here are some general guidelines of the minimum required acute-care experience for some typical travel nursing specialties:

What are the Requirements for Travel Nursing?

Facilities That Typically Require 8 Months:
RN - Dialysis

Facilities That Typically Require 12-18 Months:

RN - ICU, OR, Ambulatory OR, PACU, PICU, Ambulatory PACU, PCU, NICU, Peds,  LD, Pedi ER, Home Health, Cath Lab, CVICU, CVOR, BMT, Telemetry, ER

Facilities That Typically Require 2 Years:

RN - MedSurg, Endoscopy, Psych, Rehab, Postpartum, Nurse Manager, Wound Care

Facilities ThatTypically Require 3 Years:

In addition, good communication skills are important in this exciting nursing field. Flexibility, a positive outlook, excellent clinical skills and an eagerness to enjoy a new adventure. You should be a quick learner, and open to change.

Selecting Travel Nursing Company

Choosing the “right” travel nursing company is one of the key steps in becoming a travel nurse. Each company is different in terms of the benefits and services it provides, so it’s important to do your homework.

Each travel nursing company offers different advantages and thus it is very important for any traveling nurse to research first what bonuses, pay, assignments, insurance, housing and clinical support these companies are offering. The average pay traveling nurse jobs provide you is $40 per hour.

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