Nursing Schools Feeling Pressure

The nation wide nursing shortage is causing nursing schools to feel the squeeze. They can not keep up with the demand now and this is not likely to ease up much in the foreseeable future. The whys are many. School programs traditionally only have a set number of slots available and many nursing programs fell by the wayside in the 70s and 80s. In the 70s nursing was seen as a job that was far beneath most women, and at that time there was not a calamitous shortage to cause any concern. It was during that this time that many nursing schools began dismantling their programs entirely.

It was in the early 80s that things suddenly took a startling turn. The population was looking at a huge elderly shift as baby boomers began to start considering their retirement. Nurses had left the nursing field in droves and the older nurses suddenly had no one coming in to take their places when they retired. Some nursing school administrators had been predicting such events, but these were not really considered serious problems at that time.

Now the nation has hit a crucial turning point and we must have more nurses graduating from nursing schools and entering the work field. Without nurses, the entire health system will collapse in the US. Nursing schools are stretched on budgets, having problems finding qualified staff and are still trying to convince people of the worth and satisfaction of a nursing career.

Online nursing schools are stepping in to help and they may be one of the main ways to turn around the nursing shortage. An online school can make it easier for someone to continue their education and get that nursing degree. These are accredited programs and your degree can secure a high paying nursing job for you. Unlike some careers where having a degree still does not guarantee a job , once you have your degree from an accredited nursing school, the employers are going to be coming to your door to hire you.

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